domitech dtA19-750-27

  • 60 watt equivalent light that only consumes 9 watts of power
  • Soft light with frosted glass
  • Standard A19 screw in light bulb works with any standard lamp
  • Fully dimmable and controllable by a variety of home gateways and apps
  • World’s first affordable LED light bulb with built-in Z-Wave radio

Coming Soon

  • 75 watt equivalent LED light bulb
  • BR30 flood type lamp for ceiling lights
  • Other lighting solutions


  • Remote control for any Z-Wave lighting devices and domitech Smart LED Bulbs
  • No need to open an app to control lighting
  • Controls up to 4 individual light switches or bulbs
  • ALL button to turn On or Off all the lights in the home
  • Affordable